Landscape & Nautical Paintings

by Sue Andrew

Sue has been inspired by the landscape of the Peak District and by local flora. Her images have been undertaken in various media, the landscapes often in pen and ink or etching, the plant studies in water-colour pencil. The latter are technically drawings, though the effect is similar to watercolour painting. Sue’s nautical scenes reflect locations in Britain and abroad and have used a variety of media, etching, gouache and coloured pencil.

Plant Forms Water-colour pencil drawing, 38 x 28 (58 x 49) Price framed £500 sue andrew Leaf Study Water-colour pencil drawing, 40 x 28 (60 x 49) Price framed £500 sue andrew New Mills Landscape pen and ink, 18.5 x 19.5 cm Price unframed £150

This landscape drawing depicts a scene near New Mills in Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District. The remote farmhouse, dramatic sky and patterning of the drystone walls are typical of the area.

sue andrew Swedish Harbour Scene not for sale

This limited-edition etching of a Swedish harbour scene depicts the dramatic shapes and reflections in what is nevertheless utterly tranquil. It has been exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London, with the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

sue andrew Ejdern gouache, 16.5 x 26.5 cm (32 x 42 cm) Price framed £450

This gouache painting depicts a Swedish fishing boat, Ejdern, in harbour.

sue andrew Goyt Valley pen and ink drawing, 29.0 x 30.5 cm Price unframed £150

This pen-and-ink drawing depicts the Goyt Valley in the Peak District.

sue andrew Whitby Harbour, November gouache, 40 x 25 (57 x 42) £850

This gouache painting captures a fishing boat returning from a turbulent November sea to the security of Whitby harbour.

sue andrew Ship Shapes coloured pencil drawing, 18 x 35 (33 x 50) £500

In the coloured pencil drawing, Ship Shapes, Sue was interested in the surreal forms and shadows created by artificial light on a ship’s superstructure at night time.

sue andrew